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AIE Video 'Being an Electrician'

Watch the promotional video 'Being an electrican'

The AIE launched an awareness campaign towards youth!
At its Annual Assembly in September 2006 Heidelberg, the AIE launched a European-wide awareness campaign under the slogan:  "Being an electrician - a job for life". The so-called "VIP Project" - Visibility, Image and Promotion of the electro-technical sector aimed at increasing the profile of the electro technical sector and upgrading the visibility and image of the sector.

In the framework of the VIP Project, the AIE produced a 6' film in partnership with ECI (European Copper Institute) and UIE (International Union for Electrical Applications). Because of a European-wide lack of qualified and skilled workers in the sector, the aim of the film is to attract young people in the electro technical sector giving them an attractive picture of the sector. The constant developing new technologies and the diversity of and within the electro technical sector should help youngsters realise about the sector's attractiveness. 

Copies have been distributed through the network of the 3 associations, from Russia  and Japan to Portugal and Ireland. More than half of the AIE members have asked for additional copies for national use in schools, education and training institutes and trade fairs.

→ More info on buying this video for your national use can be obtained at info@aie.eu

Previous CYE editions
Download the places and
previous winners of the CYE 1992-2012

Enjoy the overview of previous European Competitions of Young Electricians:


Practical information on your stay in Lille... 

The Euroskills France team has made all efforts to arrange special packages for candidates and their experts. For family and friends supporting and accompanying, you can find hotels in Lille which have a partnership with Euroskills.

You can also inform directly with the The Tourism Office of Lille

We therefore redirect you to the Euroskills2014 Lille pages for practical info on:  

> How to access the venue

> Info on City of Lille

> Opening Hours of the Grand Palais during the competition

> Accommodation facilities and packages






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Technical Downloads

> Take me to the page with:

 KNX training centers  and how to proceed for a training
 KNX download ETS4 light
KNX Association provides product databases (.knxprod) to be used only with the latest official version of ETS4. This software is only available from the KNX website.
Practical task download
.ZIP / .PDF / .DOC

> Practical test info_13.03.2012.zip

> 00_Confirmation paper to be returned 02.04.2012 or .doc version

> 01_Practical task info CA and EX
Electrical Material deposit in Basel (up to 200 kg max.)
Earliest delivery from 13th March
until max 2 weeks before  the start of    
the competition (2nd of April 2012)

Verband Basler Elektro-Installationsfirmen (VBEI)

Bonergasse 22
Postfach 244
4019 Basel

Tel.  0041 61 639 91 50
Fax  0044 61 639 91 59


Candidates have to bring their own PC and to download the latest ETS 4 licences in the computer they are using during the contest.
KNX cannot give them new licences at MUBA Basel.

Go directly to the KNX website and enter the members only section:

You will find the instructions how to download on the following page:

www.knx.org => members only (see green button under European Flags above)

username: cye2012

password: april2012

!! Should you have any technical problems/questions on the license programming and product databases, kindly contact Casto Cañavate from KNX directly, before the 4th of April. >  Casto.Canavate@knx.org


During the practical part of your competition, you will need to make a KNX Project, and thus you will need to use a Database. They have prepared a database which includes all material for your contest. It is mandatory that you have the latest version of the KNX software: ETS installed already on your laptop before starting the competition!

We wish you good luck at the competition!

Registration Candidate_Expert_CYE2012

> Due to organisational reasons we kindly ask our members to register their expert and candidate by the end of January 2012.
 If you have any questions regarding the registration form or you are not able to inform us by the end of January 2012, kindly contact Carla Cox: info@aie.eu  
> Download the empty Curriculum Vitea (CV) to fill out for the candidate / expert (optional)
> Click here for an extra registration option: 'Register my Gala Dinner'  - read small text below


Please note that the participation fee of 2.000 euros/ per country includes the participation in the competition, accomodation and the eventual accompanying program for both the candidate and the expert.

Unregistered guest making their own private travel arrangements for attending the competition are of course cordially welcome. We trust on you understanding that they will however not be entitled to the same arrangements as the registered guests.


> Option (if you wish to attend the CYE2012 Gala dinner as family  members, a partner or a member of an organisation) to Register my Gala Dinner  at the latest by the Friday 16th of March. The fee for this Gala dinner is 100 euro per person. If you should attend this dinner with more people, kindly indicate their names within the registration.

!! This Gala Dinner registration is not necessary for experts and candidates! (already included while registering per country)


VSEI - Adress

Verband Schweizerischer Elektro-Installationsfirmen
Postfach 2328 - 8031 Zürich
Bank: UBS AG [Postfach, CH-8098 Zürich]
IBAN: CH30 0023 0230 P028 0034 0

Our Swiss Delegation VSEI is happy to be the host for 2012 and looks forward to invite you all in Basel!!

Friday 13th April | Arrival & Check in / Information day

04.00 pm | Check-In Hotel Buildungszentrum 21, Missionsstrasse 21, 4003 Basel
05.00 pm | Information for candidates and experts | Hotel Buildungszentrum
               > Welcome speech
               > Presentation of the team
               > Matriculation
               > Instructions how to use transport (ticket)
               > Exhibitors pass
               > Explanation of the program
               > Emergency sheet
               > City map
06.30 pm | Common dinner | Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
09.00 pm | End of the first day
Saturday 14th April | Start CYE Competition - day 1

07.30 am | Breakfast| Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
08.15 am | Drive to the exhibition by public transport | Hotel to Basel Exhibition
09.00 am | The candidates adjust their working place | Basel Exhibition
               > Check up and preparation of installing material
               > Explanation of the task
               > First aid / pharmacy
09.30 am | Meeting of experts | Meeting room Exhibition
12.00 am | Common luch | Exhibition
01.00 pm | Start of the competition | 3 hours
04.00 pm | Breaktime for all 
04.15 pm | Competition work
 | 1.75 hours
06.00 pm | End of competition work - tidy up the place | Exhibition
07.00 pm | Common dinner | Hotel Buildungszentrum 21

Total competition duration after day 1: 4.75 hours

!! MUBA Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm - Entrance possible 1 hour before
Sunday 15th April | CYE Competition - day 2
07.30 am | Breakfast| Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
08.15 am | Drive to the exhibition by public transport | Hotel to Basel Exhibition
09.00 am | Start of the competition | Basel Exhibition | 3 hours
09.30 am | Meeting of experts | Meeting room Exhibition
               > Discussion and translation of the oral test
11.00 am | Theoretic test for candidates | Location to be pointed out later | 1 hour
12.00 am | Common luch | Exhibition
01.00 pm | Competition work | 2.50 hours
03.30 pm | Breaktime for all 
03.45 pm | Competition work
 | 1.75 hours
05.30 pm | End of competition work - tidy up the place | Exhibition
06.30 pm | Meeting at the hotel for a common excursion according to a separately sheet Hotel Buildungszentrum 21

Total competition duration after day 2: 12 hours
!! MUBA Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm - Entrance possible 1 hour before
Monday 16th April | CYE Competition - day 3
07.30 am | Breakfast| Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
08.15 am | Drive to the exhibition by public transport | Hotel to Basel Exhibition
09.00 am | Start of the competition | Basel Exhibition | 1.50 hours
09.30 am | Meeting of experts | Meeting room Exhibition
10.30 am | Breaktime for all
10.45 am | Competition work
 | 1.25 hours
12.00 am | Common luch | Exhibition
01.00 pm | Competition work | 2.50 hours
03.30 pm | Breaktime for all 
03.45 pm | Competition work
 | 2.25 hours
06.00 pm | End of competition work - tidy up the place | Exhibition
07.30 pm | Common dinner | Hotel Buildungszentrum 21

Total competition duration after day 3: 19.50 hours
!! MUBA Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm - Entrance possible 1 hour before
Tuesday 17th April | CYE2012 Winners ceremony and Galadinner - day 4
07.30 am | Breakfast| Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
08.15 am | Drive to the exhibition by public transport | Hotel to Basel Exhibition
09.00 am | Start of the competition | Basel Exhibition | 2.50 hours
09.30 am | Meeting of experts | Meeting room Exhibition
11.30 am | End of the competition
               > End of the competition
               > Gather your tools
               > Boxing for transport to the dispatching point
12.00 am | Common luch | Exhibition
01.30 pm | Free time for the candidates | Assessment by the experts
03.30 pm | Breaktime for all 
07.00 pm | Meeting at the hotel for a common Gala dinner* | 'Gasthof zum goldenen sternen'
Total competition duration after day 2:50 hours

! Third parties (Family members, AIE members and other guests) can register for this Gala dinner as well, best before 17th of March 2012 - take a look a the special registration form
'Register my Gala dinner'
Wednesday 18th April | Goodbye to Basel and CYE colleagues

07.00 am | Up! for individual breakfast | Hotel Buildungszentrum 21
11.00 am | Check-out | Home sweet home
KNX training centers
KNX Association is willing to train the expert and competitor -who does not follow a KNX Basic course before- of the participating countries at CYE2012.

We therefore provide the list of KNX Training Centres per country (please see below), in this way, each person will be able to choose directly the most convenient KNX Training Centre for him/her.

List of KNX Training Centres per participating country:









United Kingdom

KNX International doesn't mind, if anyone is willing to follow the KNX Basic in a different country. Please find the complete overview of all KNX Training Centres here:

Further procedure once the candidate (competitor or expert) has chosen:
> First of all, the candidate should contact the KNX Training Centre and make sure they will organize a course in due time (before the competition takes place).

> As soon as he/she agrees with the KNX Training Centre, inform Casto Cañavate of KNX International - forward a copy of the mutual agreement E-mail so they know names, dates and place of the training course. Casto.Canavate@knx.org

> KNX Association will contact the Training Centre of his/her interest and the candidate and/or expert will receive an E-mail with license code and further detailed information.

KNX Association will provide an ETS4 Lite Version for their practice as well.

KNX Association is in AIE partnership since 2008:

KNX Association International
Casto Cañavate Fernández
Marketing Manager
De Kleetlaan 5, Bus 11
B-1831 Brussels-Diegem
Tel.+32 (0)2 775 85 91
Fax +32 (0)2 675 50 28


A word on the CYE competition within the Euroskills framework 

In 1992 the AIE established the well known European Competition for Young Electricians, highly appreciated by the candidates and Education & Training experts. Young, passionate professionals demonstrate their outstanding level of excellence and competence in both theoretical and practical electrical tasks. In the framework of the partnership between AIE and WSE, the AIE will share its experience and expertise ensuring the high quality of the competition in the new WSE electrical installation category. 

The fast development in the electrical installation industry requires skilled and motivated professional workers. Whilst enhancing at European level the visibility and importance of the electrical contractors’ sector through WorldSkills Europe, we are sure that this performance will inspire youngsters, employers as well as representatives from the educational system to ensure a high level of education and training in our industry.

Competitors will each be representing their own country, coming from several countries throughout Europe. Usually all finalists of a national competition will compete, benchmark and demonstrate their skills by carrying out a practical electrical and telecommunication installation.  The aim of the competition is to demonstrate at a highly public frequented exhibition the advantages of high-quality professional training and to boost public recognition for the professional work of electricians, revealing the exceptional quality of training in the member countries of the AIE.

It is therefore a great honour for us to welcome you all to first edition of the European competition for young electricians (CYE) that is integrated within the framework of Euroskills2014 in Lille, France at the Lille Grand Palais from the 2 to 4 October 2014. We look forward to an exciting competition between the best of the best young electricians in Europe. All participants in the competition are already national champions in their own country and are sent to represent their national colours in the European championship. Using the latest available technology and products, this is bound to be an exhibition in exceptional technical skills.

Participation at the competition is a ‘once in a lifetime' experience. The professional input and share of experience is of cause important. Also appreciated, is the extended friendship among competitors, experts and observers from all over Europe. 

Follow the participants’ adventures through the blog: http://aie-cye.blogspot.be/

WorldSkills Europe

About WorldSkills Europe and Euroskills2014


EuroSkills offers organisations within EU member states, including government bodies, industry & educational organisations and funding providers, a platform to work together to improve the quality and to raise the attraction of vocational skills and education.


Within this huge network, our aim is to support the electrical contractors sector, stimulating and introducing it to young people and their parents as an attractive job opportunity that has a diversity of electrical solution providers. 


The AIE therefore - also within the former CYE framework - can only underline and support the objectives stated by the WorldSkills organisation:

  1. To use vocational competitions to help the EU and its member states to promote and improve vocational skills.
  2. To make EU countries aware of the importance of high-quality vocational skills and
  3. To develop and maintain a series of European vocational competitions in which
    candidates from European countries can participate.
  4. To ensure that the vocational competitions organised by WorldSkills Europe
    accurately reflect the industrial standards required by the members and the EU as
    a whole.
  5. To encourage each European country to participate in EuroSkills and national
    vocational competitions, and to develop and/or expand the promotion of vocational

More information on the WorldSkills organisation can be found on their official website

Follow our Trade 18: Electrical Installations adventure via: http://aie-cye.blogspot.be/ and Facebook  

Former CYE

The first pioneers...
The inspiration of Herr Karl Friedrich Haas (ZVEH Germany) and AIE President in 1988-1989 stimulated Mr Hans Bartosch from Austria (WKO) and Mr Albert Amherd from Switzerland (VSEI) to start the project ‘Young Electricians Competition' (earlier WG3). Even though training systems were vastly different in the AIE member states and comparison of training methods was (and still is) difficult, these tree enthusiastic men started in June 1987 to execute a plan that Switzerland eventually worked out.

Other AIE member states gradually joined the group of supporters and participants.

In November 1992 finally it was possible to hold the first competition in the ‘Sion vocational training centre' of the Swiss association VSEI. We still owe the Swiss association our particular respect and thanks for the first initiative.

Starting from 7 participating countries, the competition climbed up to 12 european countries in 2008. Since then every two years the European Competition of Young Electricians was held in:


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

> 1992 - Switzerland

Johannes Auer (A)

Cina Yanik (CH)

Ralf Zimmermann (D)

> 1994 - Luxembourg

Frank Schmitt (D)

Peter Schwarz (A)

Olivier Duchoud (CH)

> 1995 - Germany

Andreas Engan (N)

Ralf Müller (CH)
Friedrich Pötzelsberger (A)

- status quo/no third place

> 1997 - Austria

Diego Jossen (CH)

Ralf Tilgner (D)

Franz Maislinger (A)

> 1998 - Spain

Andreas Hillgruber  (D)

Wolfgang Hausberger (A)

Alfonso Lino Garcia (S)

> 2000 - Norway

Per Svensson (SE)

Enrico Müller (D)

Jeppe Tang Kristiansen (DK)

> 2002 - France

Rolf Sorg (CH)

Andreas Pernul (A)

Gilje Tom Reidar (NO)

> 2004 - Denmark

Norbert Franke (D)

Bjarte Hoff (N)

Markus Kapeller (A)

> 2006 - Portugal

Reto Bischofberger (CH)

Peter Baagoe Larsen (DK)

Sven Bähr (D)

> 2008 - Germany

Martin Conrad (CH)

Benjamin Dunst (A)

Domenik Göb (D)

> 2010 - Spain

Markus Stöger (A)

Bernt Erlend Fridell (NO)

Arno Conradin (CH)

> 2012 - Switzerland

Stefan Wyss (CH)

Clemens Kerschbaumer (A)

Markus Müller (D)

Go to pictures of earlier editions

Connecting ideas

Connecting People....

Our most important goal with this European competition is to stimulate young people for the electrical profession and show them LIVE what they can expect .

A daily follow-up of a candidates' blog / video inserts and pictures of the day
will keep the CYE2014@Euroskills close to you, wherever you are!

Follow us on blog : http://aie-cye.blogspot.com

Add our social links to your official website and help us to show European citizens how vibrating young electricians can be and join us @ Facebook

More to visit at Euroskills:

Side Events



Official Program

Official Program for the Electrical Installations group  

This page will be updated within due time.


You can already visit Euroskills2014 pages on:

> Competition site

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